Custom-made Wood Furniture- 3. Choice of Resin

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WOODGREEN is a modern furniture retail shop and custom-made handcrafted modern wood or wooden furniture handmade to meet your specific needs.

Order from our artisanal pieces coming from exotic destinations around the world and delivered in UAE or have your unique piece custom-made to your taste.

In this space you can choose the Apoxy Resin Color of your choice. You can find a grand variety of colors to match your design.

Press ADD TO QUOTE to continue choosing from the customization options: Choice of Wood, Finishing, and Legs.

If you like to incorporate Apoxy Resin kindly specify the code for the Resin Color you prefer.

Kindly ensure that you enter in the notes the specific type of furniture and measurements you are looking for (example: dining table, 3.5 m by 1 m)


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