Rattan Chairs

Karina Teak Bar Chair
AED 1,100.00 ( inc. VAT.)
AED 850.00 ( inc. VAT.)
AED 450.00 ( inc. VAT.)
Croisette Natural Lounge Chair
AED 1,300.00 ( inc. VAT.)
Teak Universal Rattan Chair Black
AED 1,250.00 ( inc. VAT.)
Pandanus teak wishbone chair
AED 850.00 ( inc. VAT.)
Clemente Rattan Wooden seat Chair Black
AED 900.00 ( inc. VAT.)
AED 1,200.00 ( inc. VAT.)
Selena Bar Chair BLACK / BROWN
AED 1,400.00 ( inc. VAT.)
AED 1,250.00 ( inc. VAT.)
Lum Teak Wishbone Chair
AED 850.00 ( inc. VAT.)

WOODGreen’s Best Rattan Chairs to Compliment Your Décor

Match style with comfort as WOODGreen has incredible Rattan Chairs for sale. You can now buy Rattan chairs online, ranging from classic to modern bistro chic styles. Find in our handpicked collection woven designs as well as chairs made of rattan poles. Made from sturdy thick rattan poles, some have been beautifully designed into classic shapes. For an elevated look, you can also go for high chairs, perfect for living room, kitchen, and den. WOODGreen’s natural rattan stools come in various colors and designs, complete with comfortable cushions.

Enjoy Classy Designs, Comfort & Value with Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Don’t miss our outdoor living furniture, ready to flatter your outdoor space. WOODGreen’s Rattan chairs outdoor collection meets the latest trends and is available in different finishes. Put them in your patio, garden, or terrace, transforming it into a casual yet upscale area. If you are looking to buy rattan chair of premium quality at affordable rates, then we have you covered. We have the best assortment of stylish, practical, and durable outdoor furniture, including rattan sectional sofas, loungers, round sofas, and reclining chairs. Match the chairs with a spacious table to open up outdoor entertaining possibilities.

Shop WOODGreen for a Wide Selection of Rattan Chairs

WOODGreen’s online rattan chairs Dubai collection features various sizes, shapes, and designs. Use them as accent chairs in your living room or bedroom, or go for complete sets. Set up a cozy corner in your bedroom with a comfortable rattan chair, complimenting it with deep cushions. Dress up your living space with modern boxy rattan sofa chair, sprucing it up with contemporary weave colors and beautiful designs. Punctuate any seating arrangement with accent chair, taking your pick from our Rattan Chair UAE selection. With a wide variety of styles and mix-matched materials, rattan seats from WOODGreen are a great option if you need comfort, versatility, and elegance.

Trust WOODGreen to Bring Your Space to Life

Accessorizing your room with modern rattan chairs is an easy way to add vibrancy and color. Buy a chair that matches the aesthetics of your living space. A well-chosen single chair or pair of stunning seats with decorative cushions are all you need to elevate the interior of your home. Shop WOODGreen’s online store Dubai and find that perfect piece of furniture you have been looking for.