AED 180.00 ( inc. VAT.)
SL.0490- Lightings
AED 180.00 ( inc. VAT.)
SL.0965- Lightings
AED 300.00 ( inc. VAT.)
SL.0487- Lightings
AED 210.00 ( inc. VAT.)
SL.0486- Lightings
AED 210.00 ( inc. VAT.)
TH.017CZ- Lightings
AED 1,150.00 ( inc. VAT.)
SL.0935- Lightings
AED 250.00 ( inc. VAT.)
SL.0934- Lightings
AED 250.00 ( inc. VAT.)
SL.0353- Lightings
AED 220.00 ( inc. VAT.)
SL.0656- Lightings
AED 330.00 ( inc. VAT.)
SL.0057- Lightings
AED 200.00 ( inc. VAT.)
AED 190.00 ( inc. VAT.)

Lighting by WOODGreen to Accentuate Your Home

The right lighting can have a great impact on your home décor. Set the perfect mood for your living space with WOODGreen’s lights Dubai collection. Our lighting fixtures are functional and stylish, helping your home look elegant. If you are looking to buy online lights in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE, don’t miss our latest selection. From traditional wall sconces, pendant lights, to chandeliers and designer lamps, there is something to match any interior.

Offering Different Styles of Lighting Perfect for Any Interior

WOODGreen’s pendant lights Dubai selection will help you make a design statement. Pendant lights are ideal to create ambient and decorative lighting, illuminating different nooks and corners of the house. Our online store has pendant lights with unique features like dimmers, adjustable height, and sloped ceiling installation options. WOODGreen’s pendant lights will be an exciting addition to any space, especially the satin brass, metal, and copper pieces. Choose from various sizes, shapes, material, textures, and fabrics.

Explore Different Textures with WOODGreen’s Statement Lights

Give a rustic look to your living room or kitchen with the best hanging bamboo lights. Nail the traditional, elegant ambiance with hand woven rattan and bamboo lights available in different shapes and sizes. Search through our bamboo pendant light collection that is perfectly adaptable to any ceiling height from kitchen island, your bedroom, dining table, or entrance. Get a timeless look for your space.

Unique Cradis Pendant Lighting to Decorate Your Home With

WOODGreen’s cradis pendant lights combine ethnic designs with modern architecture, adding rustic style to your home. In our collection we have sculptural pendants that will bring ambient warmth into your living space. We have also recently added into the hanging lights collection modern globe wheel pendant, square industrial ceiling light, drum pendant with fabric shade, and metal frames. Choose a design that matches your home décor and beautifully highlight the accent spots in your space.

Add Elegance to Your Office with WOODGreen’s Lights Range

If you are looking to buy lights for office, then WOODGreen should be your ultimate choice. From modern floor lamps to classic statement pieces, transform your office area with a stylish lamps and lights. There’s also a huge collection available of track lights and you can go for sleek designs in brass or metal. Buy elegant wall sconces for your office walls, adding light and character to the room. Now easily buy lights online for home or office and get amazing discounts from WOODGreen.