PB-8 Plant Pot Basket
AED 150.00 ( inc. VAT.)
PB-9 Basket Flower Pot
AED 120.00 ( inc. VAT.)
PB-5 Seagrass Plant Basket
AED 125.00AED 175.00 ( inc. VAT.)
PB-6 Plant Basket
AED 325.00 ( inc. VAT.)
PB-2 Seagrass Basket
AED 225.00AED 275.00 ( inc. VAT.)
Sold out!
PB-10 Basket Flower Pot
AED 125.00 ( inc. VAT.)
Feurmara Plant Basket
AED 375.00 ( inc. VAT.)
Bahari Seagrass Plant Basket
AED 275.00AED 350.00 ( inc. VAT.)

Baskets Collection by WOODGreen

Shop for baskets that will provide stylish, durable, and easy storage options. If you are looking for baskets for storage then WOODGreen has a huge collection and versatile designs. The richly textured handwoven baskets can be used for storage, as part of the décor, planters, and interior accents. Modern weave baskets come in natural finishes, available in different sizes and shapes. If you are searching for online baskets in Dubai, then explore our eclectic range that includes two-toned woven baskets. Designed to add accents to casual living space, you can use them for storage or as a decorative item.

Style Your Living Space with Natural Textures

Spruce up your home with small details that will bring life to the space. WOODGreen has a wonderful collection of baskets for plants, available in various shapes, color tones, and sizes. Curved baskets can easily be used to hold planters, adding a finished look to the room. Many plant baskets come with open rounded handles, making it convenient to move it around the room. Lightweight yet durable, our baskets selection will not let you down.

Sleek Baskets for Organizing to Maximize Space

Storage baskets are used to organize small things around your living space. WOODGreen offers sleek, statement-making baskets for shelves that are not only ideal for organizing but also add texture to your home. Available in natural colors and sturdy weave, shelf baskets have ample storage space for books, decorative items, and accessories. From the outside, handwoven natural maize gives the basket a chic rustic look and inside is protected with cotton or linen lining. Different size options make it easier to fit the baskets in both small and big spaces on the shelves. Avoid clutter in your living room and bedroom, mix and matching baskets in variety of colors.

Buy Baskets Online from Our Popular Woven Collection

No matter where you are located in the UAE, be it Dubai, Sharjah, or Abu Dhabi, WOODGreen’s online store will cater to all your home related needs. Shop baskets for sale price and make your home appear better organized and cleaner. You no longer have to search for basket shop near me as WOODGreen’s online platform has everything you need. We have different types of storage baskets designed to hold specific items. So, before you make your selection consider the type of items that you need to store.